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 Official Going Reports

Last Updated  on 08-07-2008 at 10:30

Huntingdon GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.7, Hdl 8.0
Kempton GOOD, Good to soft in places on hurdle course; GoingStick: Chs 7.5, Hdl 7.2
Market Rasen Hurdle course - GOOD TO SOFT, Good in places
Sedgefield SOFT, Heavy in back straight; some good to soft in straight; GoingStick: Chs 6.4, Hdl 6.8
Towcester GOOD TO SOFT, Soft in places; GoingStick 8.2
Wincanton SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick: Hdl 4.6, Chs 5.4
Wetherby SOFT, Good to soft in places; GoingStick 8.0


All Stables, contrary to popular belief, have both periods when their horses are particularly fit and healthy and others when they are decidedly not. This can be completely out of the hands of the trainer when, for example, there may be a virus in the yard. There is no doubt stables do come into and, go out of, 'form'.

The intention of this section is to provide statistical evidence of both. Naturally that does not mean that all the horses from a stable in form will win nor that all the horses from a stable out of form will lose but in the quest for the complete and final analysis, you will find this an invaluable asset.

The Eclipse File Trainers Index is potentially one of your most powerful tools.

By analysing every runner from each stable we are able to clearly identify how any stable's horses are generally performing. When this is done a ranking is produced. This can be particularly helpful in distinguishing between two strong candidates who are hard to divide on form or homework criteria. Stable Form analysis can be a further determinant of the degree of dominance between two similarly qualified horses. Our comprehensive index can reveal the underlying facts concerning a yard's runners.

The EF Index looks at all the stables runners over a two week period and the Index provides a measure of performance that can be compared with the form of all opposing stables in any particular race. A low index (typically below 9.5) suggests that despite their overall ability, the horses from a stable may be a little below par and could not be construed to be 'In Form' while a high Index (typically above 13.5) suggests a yard?s runners are, in general, running up to their full potential and could not be considered ?Out of Form?. Naturally the higher the Index the more consistently a yard's horses are running. Conversely a lower index indicates the opposite.

When you join, you will be able to sort the data in a number of different ways. You simply click on the heading of your choice to reformat the table to reflect your preference.

This index is updated to reflect the previous day's results from 9am daily.

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Trainer Runners in
Wins in
Last 14
Unplaced RSW* EF Index
Forster, Miss S E 8 2 4 3 18.25
George, T R 23 3 15 18 14.3
Gordon, C 16 0 15 16 6.06
Henderson, N J 77 11 51 6 17.82
Jnr, D McCain 36 6 25 3 14.31
Longsdon, C E 13 1 11 8 9.69
Mann, C J 29 5 17 1 17.62
Richards, N G 18 6 9 1 25.06
Russell, Miss Lucinda V 28 3 18 0 11.82
Twiston-Davies, N A 34 2 25 20 11.62
Whillans, A C 13 2 8 2 14.31
Whillans, D W 10 1 8 2 11.6
*Runs Since Win


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